Having a Cat

Time spent with cats is never wasted ― Sigmund Freud

I’ve always loved cats and I always will. I’m not saying that I don’t like dogs, I love them too but I never had the chance to take care of one.

I never had a pet so when one of my friends asked me to take care of their cat I was really excited. She brought him with all his things (toys, food, box, sand and some blankets). We settled him in, let him get used to the place and showed him where his little box is. I did not have problems with him, he was such a nice cat.

The best parts of having a cat is when it decides to love you back and to play with you. What I enjoyed in taking care of him was:

  • Always having a nice fluffy friend
  • Playing with him and his toys
  • The way he was sleeping above my head – this was really cute
  • The purr
  • The fact that you do not need to take him out to do his business
  • I could leave him alone when I went to work and when I came back all my things were on their places
  • Cats do not need expensive toys, they find anything interesting
  • The way he was sleeping was so cute – he was either stretched out all over the bed or curled up into the tiniest ball of fur

Of course, there are some bad parts as well, like:

  • Sometimes it wakes up at night and early in the morning
  • You have to clean a lot after it if you want to have a clean home and to reduce the smell
  • A lot of hair on you clothes, sofa, everywhere

So, I would definitely love to adopt a cat but I would not want to keep it in a small apartment. When I’m going to move into a bigger apartment I will for sure adopt at least one kitty.

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