Life is too short for bad coffee

If you want to taste a good coffee in Cluj-Napoca, you should definitely visit Meron.

They have 4 locations in Cluj: in the city center, in the central shopping center, at Platinia Mall and Vivo Mall.

I tried a Latte Macchiato and a cookie and they were absolutely delicious. The ordering and serving were a bit weird and hard to guess because at first you have to order at the bar, they’ll give you a number and then they’ll bring the coffee to your table.

It was really nice there, nice people, nice music. I really enjoyed the coffee and I would definitely go again.

I created a shortlist of places on Google Maps. If you’ve ever visited Meron go vote for your favorite:

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  1. Jugaaduwriter says:

    Vibe is what makes or breaks an outing, ambience


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