The Reed in Sic (Stufarisul de la Sic)

Not far away from Cluj-Napoca is the village of Sic where you can visit a really special place, The Reed in Sic Nature Reserve.

Also named Transylvania’s Delta, the reed is home to many rare species of birds. The access of the tourists is possible because of a wooden bridge and there is also a tower that can be climb and offer a beautiful view over the reed. It is used especially for bird watching and it is easily accessible for everyone as it has a staircase.

It is so relaxing to walk through this green sea. Everywhere you look you see only the reed and birds. It’s absolutely awesome.

View from the tower

To get there from Cluj-Napoca, take the longer route through Gherla because the other route (via Jucu) has not been asphalted and it is pretty bad. Next to the reed you’ll find a small parking area on the side of the road. Park there and enjoy the adventure in this wonderful place.

For me this was a really interesting experience. It is a place you would not expect to find there, near the village of Sic but it’s a wonderful place to visit!

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