Halloween Makeup

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tis near Halloween”

Halloween is this weekend and I’ve got two ideas of costumes to share with you. I’ll create a witch makeup and a pumpkin themed one. Let’s start!

For both makeups I started with this steps:

  1. Apply foundation and concealer if needed – I used a MAC foundation and L’Oréal Paris Infallible as a concealer
  2. Contour your face – I used a profusion highlight and contour palette
  3. Then I filled in my eyebrows and tried to correct their form
  4. Set everything using a powder – I used one from Sephora

  • Witch makeup:
  1. Use a eyeshadow palette – I used a Revolution palette for eyeshadow. I chose black and red for this makeup and start blending them
  2. Start drawing the spiderweb at the corner of your eyes and if you want a half-moon on your forehead. I did this using a black liquid eyeliner
  3. Use your favourite lipstick for the lips, take a witch hat, a black dress and that’s it

  • Pumpkin themed makeup
  1. Use a eyeshadow palette – I used a Revolution palette for eyeshadow. I chose 3 shades of orange for this and started with the darker one on the outer corner of my eyes. In the inner corner I blended the lightest colour I’ve chosen and with it I also started to contour the part of the face I wanted to colour orange. After the contouring is done, fill that part in with the colour that is unused yet and blend everything together.
  2. Start drawing a bat like line to the outer corner of your eyes and then in the orange part of the face draw some bats and fill everything in with a liquid eyeliner
  3. For the lips I used a lip balm first and then I added the darker orange to the middle of the lips. For the rest I used a black colour and applied it with a lip brush

* I added to this look a pumpkin headband and a orange dress

One Comment Add yours

  1. Both of these are such fun looks and your nails!!! I love!


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